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It is always important for Access 2 Senior Living to vet facilities right down to the caregivers. I wouldn't feel good about referring one of my clients to a facility or caregiver that I wouldn't use to care for my own mother. Which is why we will be profiling assisted living facilities, nursing homes and home healthcare professionals in our blog so that clients may familiarize themselves with the types of care we've experienced.


Diana Mangin, LivHOME, Orange County

As a professional caregiver in Orange County for LivHOME, Diana Mangin enjoys each day she can help a client. An upbeat caring person, Diana wants to make her clients safely active and so in touch with her clients that she can anticipate his or her needs.

In addition to keeping her clients safe in their home, her daily tasks range from A-Z, including: transportation, cooking, cleaning, shopping, medical appointments, exercise, companionship, and joyful activities.

“At the end of the day, I know that I’ve helped someone,” says Diana. “It is very rewarding when the client gives you a big hug or just a simple 'thank you'.”

Diana specializes in colostomy, catheter care, incontinence and personal care.


Need help gaining Access 2 Senior Living?

Contact us to start an assessment and determine the best options for the person in transition. We strive to identify and fill the needs to make a happy healthy home for a senior.

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