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Many of our clients comment about the pampering they receive when they settle into a new living situation. Since many seniors have been taking care of themselves and others for so long, they said it was such a pleasure to have someone take care of them.

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Evaluation and Placement Recommendations

We offer a Three-Point Plan to find the best Access 2 Senior Living for our clients. Many of our clients don't understand or have the time to do a thorough investigation of facilities and then match need with amenities. We are constantly updating our databases with facility information and their standing with state agencies. Access 2 Senior Living is always about finding the right place, at the right time and for the right reason. Here's our process to ensure the person in transition gets the optimum solution:

  1.  Assessment - We like to meet with the person in transition, caregivers and/or family to do a comprehensive assessment. We ask questions about health, the ability to care for oneself and optimal living conditions. From there, we develop senior living criteria and begin to research our resources to prepare options. 

  2.  Recommendations - We present the various options to help make decisions easier for the person in transition and their families. From these recommendations, the person in transition can visit facilities, meet home caregivers to best make their final decision.

  3.  Follow-up - What may have worked in the past for a loved one, may not work in the future. Illness, additional care and any number of things may change and we find a need to transition again. We may opt to move to a different facility or adopt another recommendation to adjust to the person in transition's needs. 


  • Reaching out to seniors.

  • Establishing local Aging in Place Councils among businesses, public agencies, non-profit organizations, the aging in place professional network, and the health care system. Homeowners benefit if professionals from the various disciplines are knowledgeable about one another, and better professional referral networks are established.Increasing the level of knowledge and skills of Aging in Place professionals from a wide variety of fields whose collaboration and involvement is essential to insuring greater public access to programs and support services that promote independent living.

  • Advocating for policies, regulations and business practices that promote Aging in Place.

  • Promoting National Aging in Place Week and other events through various media. During this week, members of the National Aging in Place Council® coordinate events in their communities to highlight local programs and services available to help increase independent living.

Access 2 Senior Living abides by the NAIPC® Mission:

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