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Eldercare senior living decisions
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"We trust Carolyn at Access 2 Senior Living because she takes the time and is thorough with our clients. She guides and navigates families through some of the most difficult times and we appreciate all she does."

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Serving the family and those in transition in Southern California. Contact us via contact forms or phone and email. 

Carolyn Novotny

RCFE Administrator #6032725540

Carolyn Novotny Access 2 Senior Living

I started Access 2 Senior Living because I wanted to help aging people in transition thrive in their environment and remove stress from their family and loved ones. Through my involvement in the Orange County  Chapter of National Aging In Place Council I continually give back to the community and stay current on the needs, care of and education of our maturing society. It is an honor to help families make smart and smooth transitions when they could be the most vulnerable.



Caregiver of the Month

Cindy Yu,

Acti-Kare of South OC

Lori Renaud, owner of Acti-Kare of South Orange County is proud to nominate Cindy Yu as our "Caregiver of the month." Cindy transitioned from corporate work to caregiving seamlessly. Working with a lady after brain surgery, Cindy uses her   

Is it time to make decisions about loved ones?

We all have to face the inevitable scenario of making living choices as we age. Whether for ourselves or for an aging loved one who can no longer care for themselves, we have to make decisions that balance independence with proper protective oversight.  It's a tough time and can be very stressful--especially navigating all of your choices, weighing the options and ultimately making the best decision.

Thoughtful Aging with a Thorough Lifestyle Assessment

How do you determine the best next stage? And where do you get the best advice? Sometimes visiting care facilities feels like a rush to sign paperwork as someone has to meet their quota to fill beds. Other times a home care assignment may be over extended when advanced care is really needed before an accident occurs. And there are so many more options, it will make your head spin.

Access 2 Senior Living is the one independent resource that solely works with and represents the person in transition. As licensed Eldercare experts, our goal is to make the best living decision to allow our client to age with dignity.

Respectful Choices with Expert Oversight

Everyone wants to live independently and safely for as long as he or she is able, but that may create risk and endanger a loved one. With a third party, neutral person focused only on finding the best living arrangement, Access 2 Senior Living balances the needs of its clients with the many senior living options, saving families time, expense and the exasperation of trying to figure out the optimal living situation.

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